Do you think the statement where Sonic and Shadow are gender-fluid ? My OC (appears to nonsonic work) is probably gender-fluid !



I think it’s complete twaddle.

Sonic and Shadow have both been consistently established as identifying as male. They have never shown any propensity for self-identifying as female.

They allow others to use masculine pronouns to refer to them. They have never insisted that they be referred-to with female pronouns.

I don’t think I quite ‘get’ why this sort of speculation on character gender identity is prevalent with those two characters when gender identity has already been established. The only characters where gender identity can be compellingly debated are Chip and robot characters who have no biological gender yet seem to identify with a gender and are even ‘assigned’ one despite that i.e Gamma being referred-to as “Mr Robot”, Beta being referred-to By Eggman as Gamma’s brother.

Because it’s fun and allows people to identify with the characters? I don’t know why people always have to have in depth reasons for wanting to make headcanons. Moreover, just as there’s nothing to prove that they are gender-fluid, there’s nothing to disprove it, either. To say:

  • Sonic and Shadow may have allowed people to call them that because it would be odd to explain it to them.
  • It may also be because they don’t know they are gender-fluid themselves.
  • It also may be that the only time we ever see them is when they identify as guys. After all, we don’t get to see daily life with them, at least not in the games; it’s always been during an adventure of some sort, and we don’t know how spaced out these adventures actually are. (This is a case that obviously can’t be made with Archie and Sonic X, but as we’ve established, those are two completely different continuities.)

As for Chip and robot characters, I don’t think they have a gender, but just go by the male pronouns because it’s simplest and everyone else calls them by it, a sort of “Sure, you can call me that, whatever”. Chip is a deity and probably doesn’t understand the concept, and robot characters…well, you already said it.

Now, there’s trans headcanons that obviously disregard canon, but you know what? I honestly don’t care because I think those are “if this were to happen” rather than “this actually happened in canon”. Canon isn’t some sort of Bible.

As long as no one is attacking others for what could be canon or what isn’t, which is silly anyway, then why does it matter? This is a series where we’re free to express ourselves and it’s not in any way a butchering of character to change their gender or sexual identity — after all, even if Sonic was a girl, would you think any less of her? I doubt it.

Title: Shadow's Line (Japanese)

Artist: Koji Yusa


Yeah, I pretty sure he isn’t saying

So, the subtitles were not help at all. And I doubt its the exact words Shadow said in English so can someone translate for me?

EDIT: Someone translated it to be “You bastard, you better be prepared”

EDIT 2 English Version

So apparently people do want to read about what I think. DISCLAIMER: I am not trans. I am a cis female, and you should take what I think with a grain of salt.

I’m just going to point out a few things about the genderbending argument that I’ve seen going around. There’s a lot of text under the cut, but the gist of it is that it depends on how the work interacts with gender and why the gender is switched. I also talk about gender essentialism, which is basically the idea that all people of the same gender act the same (girls like baking, boys like trucks, never the two shall meet), and how to avoid it.

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I see all of this stuff about genderbending and I have SO MANY OPINIONS so I wrote out a six hundred word post which I then realized nobody want to read and was a waste of what little free time I have.



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"Since when did my lil’ bro become a big bro!! You can’t be him, you musta done something to the real Tails."

"Seriously Sonic, you’re gonna stretch my face off!"

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more corny college AU shit *v* It kind of became a running gag that either one of them would have a rly mushy lock screen at any given time lmao