Let’s discuss presenting our opinions, Sonic fans. I feel as though we really do need to have a chat about this, so let’s sit down and discuss it.

See, I find that a lot of us respond to opinions in a very rude and intolerant manner. So let’s go over the appropriate way of talking about our opinions, shall we?

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) will be my guinea pig, but please note anything I say here doesn’t represent what I actually think about the game. Okay, let’s roll.

Appropriate times and places to speak your opinion:

  • On your own blog. Really, this is the best place of all of them.
  • With a like-minded individual.
  • With an individual who is open to that kind of discussion (usually presenting a thoughtful opinion post of their own) and you are open to trying to understand their point of view.
  • In your own head, or any other secret, non-public place.
  • When being asked for that opinion.

Inappropriate times and places to speak your opinion:

  • Any time that it requires you to invade someone’s space when they don’t want to see it/discuss it (especially the #sonic the hedgehog tag).
  • When your only purpose for doing so is to one-up someone else/make them look like an idiot (note, this is different from lightly correcting someone else).
  • When you feel offended by someone else’s opinion and therefore cannot have a reasonable or logical debate.
  • When your opinion requires silencing other people (e.g. “I feel like too many people think this/that”; discussed a bit more later in this post).
  • You are also allowed to refuse to state your opinion at any time, regardless if someone else has asked for it or not. It’s your opinion, it’s up to you whether someone else knows it or not.

So let’s say you’re posting it on your own blog, either with or without provocation.

Appropriate ways to present that opinion:

  • "I don’t like Sonic 06." (You don’t need to provide reasoning if you don’t want to, but if you want, "because…" can be a good segue into it.)
  • "I like Sonic 06." (Same here. It can be contradictory. Not everyone thinks the above, I promise.)
  • "I think Sonic 06 is a bad/good game."
  • "Sonic 06 is a bad game/the writing is awful/etc." (Note: You don’t have to outright say you think that. It really is okay to definitively say something like that. The “I think” is implied. Take notes, Sonic fans.)
  • Any jokes that are made in favor of/at the expense of Sonic 06.

Inappropriate ways to present that opinion:

  • "You must be an idiot if you dis/like Sonic 06."
  • Presenting clearly incorrect information to either support/refute Sonic 06 as a good/bad game. (e.g. saying the game has no glitches and anyone who has encountered them is lying; saying that the game attacked you in your sleep. if your opinion is solid it should stand even without falsified evidence)
  • I will note that some joke posts and things do fit into both of these categories. These posts are meant to be taken with a grain of salt regardless, so they’re pretty much excluded from this post altogether.

If someone responds to your opinion with a dissenting one, or you wish to respond in a dissenting manner;

Perfectly acceptable responses:

  • "I don’t understand why people think Sonic 06 is a good/bad game." (Keep in mind to be courteous when you make this kind of post, and be open-minded when someone responds to you. Do not immediately discredit them. You are stating this because you “don’t understand” and wish to. If you don’t want to understand, then don’t make a post about it.)
  • "I disagree with you." (You can leave it at that, but if you’d like to start a debate (not an argument, a debate), then feel free to provide reasoning for your disagreements, so long as they are sound reasoning.)
  • To not respond at all. It’s okay to simply not discuss it if you don’t want to!

Unacceptable responses:

  • Anything derogatory toward the person who responded to you, regardless if they were derogatory toward you first or not. Two wrongs do not make a right. (THIS ESPECIALLY INCLUDES DEATH/RAPE THREATS. IF YOU EVER RESPOND TO ANYTHING WITH THIS IT IS POSSIBLE THAT YOU CAN BE THROWN IN JAIL. DON’T FUCKING DO IT. SERIOUSLY.)
  • Ridiculing anything that the person said in response to you.
  • Silencing them in any way (e.g. “people should stop complaining about 06, it’s annoying”; “people should stop defending 06, they are clearly wrong”).
  • Playing the victim card (e.g. “so you’re saying I’m a bad person because I dis/like 06?” NEWS FLASH: PEOPLE’S OPINIONS ABOUT A VIDEO GAME ARE NOT ABOUT YOU).
  • If, in the case they say something that is clearly incorrect (like my examples for 06 up above), being snarky/rude in correcting them. Just correct them okay you’re not a better person for knowing something that they may’ve accidentally misremembered.

Finally, keep in mind that everyone has a slightly different opinion. Some people may dis/like Sonic 06 for different reasons — or any other Sonic game, really! You may hear a perspective you’ve never heard of before. But no matter what, anyone is entitled to their opinion as long as it is not harmful. The reason that I was mocking in my response to some “opinions” toward Sonadow is because they were homophobic, ageist, or sexist, and clearly used to attack the fans of Sonadow rather than the ship itself. Is it okay for you to dislike something the majority likes? Perfectly!

But remember, Sonic, at the end of the day, is a video game character. Fictional. He really isn’t worth splitting entire friendships over. Instead, he should be something that brings us together because regardless of how we feel about his individual games, we all have one thing in common: we like Sonic. If you look up to Sonic, like genuinely, then you should know we should "open up your heart, it’s gonna be all right". It really is. It’s fine if someone on the internet dislikes a game that you treasure. It doesn’t mean you’ll treasure it any less, does it?

Don’t feel insecure in your liking or disliking of any of the games. Be proud of your individuality. What’s important to you may not be important to someone else, but that’s okay. You’re you, and that’s what matters at the end of the day.

"But no matter what, anyone is entitled to their opinion as long as it is not harmful.”

I will reinforce the point that harmful opinions do exist. OP talked about homophobic, ageist, sexist, and threatening opinions. In general, I’d say any opinion based on prejudice or hatred is a harmful opinion. That being said, it is possible to have opinions that differ from your own that are still valid opinions, a point which I think Sonic fans tend not to realize. There are a fair number of people who take a difference in opinion personally, but unless it’s harmful, I think people should go with the flow.

As an example, here’s a list of opinions, none of which I subscribe to, that elaborate on the difference between harmful and not harmful opinions.

"Sonic would balk at the very thought of being gay because being gay is weird" is a harmful opinion because it is blatantly homophobic.

"Sonic is not gay because he loves Amy Rose" is not a harmful opinion because it is based on individual relationships, not a sweeping attitude towards an entire sexuality.

"Rouge is a slut because she wears low cut clothing and has prominent breasts" is a harmful opinion because it reduces a woman to her clothing and anatomy, relying on old stereotypes instead of demonstrated behavior.

"Rouge is a tease because she flirted with multiple people in Sonic X but doesn’t get with any of them" is not a harmful opinion because it relies on demonstrated behavior to extrapolate meaning.

"Humanized Sonic drawings should never show him as a black person because he obviously acts white" is a harmful opinion because it limits others’ freedom and is based on racism (how do you “act white?”).

"Sonic looks bad with blue arms" is not a harmful opinion because it is based on relatively meaningless aesthetics, not racism.

"All people who like 06 are idiots" is a harmful opinion because it is derogatory towards others based on a matter of preference.

"I don’t like 06" is not a harmful opinion because it is based on personal preference and allows for others’ freedom of expression.

Again, I don’t subscribe to any of these opinions. I can, however, recognize which ones are a simple difference in opinion and which ones are harmful, because I always question the reasoning. This is part of why discussion is important; unless people check their reasoning, sometimes they can fall into patterns of harm or assume harm where there is none. We all like Sonic; there’s no reason we can’t be civil about it.




Sonic Adventure 2 AU in which Sonic loses his memory after Tails dies in a tragic accident. He then swears revenge on Earth, teaming up with Eggman to build a superweapon to destroy Earth. Only a lone hedgehog from a forgotten space colony and a human girl named Maria stand between him and total world destruction.


Sonic’s always so pumped about sparring with Knuckles. Funfunfunfun. 



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Hey there supersonicpizzadelivery! I was scrolling through your blog the other day (love it :) ), and I found one post you made on Nov. 8, 2013 about a Shadow Predecessor short story with Sonadow. I liked it so much that I'm making a comic out of it! One day, I'll post it and refer back to you :) Your ideas are some of the best :) Keep up the wonderful work! :D

I’m glad you liked that. I had completely forgotten about it – yeah, of course, feel free to use it. Thank you!

(The post in question.)

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